Walker at M*U*S*H
Howdy folks. If you're here, you're either looking for my PennMUSH information, some of my 'mushcoded' objects, opinions or articles, my 'Walker FAQ' or just happened across this.

PennMUSH and MUSHcode:
If you don't know what PennMUSH is, go to www.pennmush.org to find out - it's basically a Multi User Dungeon (MUD) server with a highly programmable virtual world. Unlike so-called "diku derivatives," the 'MUSH' variation of MUD caters to the roleplaying, non-hack-and-slash crowd, as well as programmers and geeks like me, who enjoy seeing what we can do with things like this.

MUSHcode, aka "Softcode", is a language designed for MUSH-style virtual worlds. For more on it, go to mushcode.html.

M*U*S*H, located at http://mush.pennmush.org, or mush.pennmush.org port 4201, was started as the test site for the latest PennMUSH changes, and still is. It is a still-growing community of Geeks, Artists, and practitioners of all professions. It's a social mush, so if you're looking for something to waste your time, all it can offer is Poker, Scrabble, endless idiotic yammering and similar activities.

Who is Walker?:
I am Greg Millam, also known as 'Walker' on M*U*S*H. I am an administrator at M*U*S*H, and an official PennMUSH developer. You can find out more here: walkerfaq.html

I am also mildly active in the Ruby language community, and am responsible for the FuseFS and PageTemplate libraries. If you want more on those, check RubyForge.org.

Among my numerous other interests are: Flying - both real planes and flight simulators; Backpacking, snowboarding, rock climbing, and other outdoor activities; Poker and other board games; Travelling; Businesses; Learning new languages; and more.