Walker at M*U*S*H
MUSHcode, aka "Softcode", is a language designed for MUSH-style virtual worlds, and implemented (with some major and minor differences) in PennMUSH, TinyMUSH, RHostMUSH, and MUX variants. It can generally be considered a child of lisp, except that it has *no* variables. Everything is a string, or in lisp terminology, can be considered a symbol.

On MUSHing and MUSHcoding:
The number one aid to me with both mushing and mushcoding is Tinyfugue, and my set of .tf scripts. You can find my suite of scripts in: tf/.

I am a purist when it comes to programming and Computer Science Theory. Basically, that means - while you *can* use some functions to do the job of others, using the intended one helps maintain mental program flow, readability and understandability. Keep things clean, and use everything you know and that's available to you.

Eventually, I'll probably get around to writing some kind of treatise on MUSHcode and how I approach it, in case it aids others in learning to code.

Walker's MUSH-related projects:
My publiclly released and "soon to be released" projects are listed below. If a project is not posted and it's past its "eta" date, bug me on M*U*S*H and I'll see if I can't get around to it.